Terms of Service "ToS"
Last change: 02-18-2017
Please read these terms carefully before using the website, hereinafter also called "service", "services", "us".
The use of the services of is based on this conditions. f you do not agree to these terms, you are not allowed to use this service.
These conditions apply to all registered users and unregistered visitors.

Linking to other sites
The service of refers, in particular in relation to the offers, to other third-party sites. We can not guarantee the continuous availability of these offers. Possibly other conditions apply to this offer of the respective service provider. You agree, that has no responsibility for this content, the same applies for privacy. Some links might point to servers outside Germany or of the EU.

All advertised rewards will be either available automatically or after a maximum of 5 ("five") days after the user requested the reward and the points have been deducted from the balance.

Commissions for leads can be charged back by the advertiser, within half a year after the creation of the lead, with a justification. These are either immediately deducted from the balance or from an open invoice of the partner or, should not the partners have sufficient funds, the partner is requested that return money to If the partner does not return the money to within thirty days, will forward the data of the partner to a debt collection partner and entrust it with the collection of the claim(s) and the account on may be deleted and all rewards revoked. Especially mobile subscriptions may only be terminated after 24 hours at the earliest in order to ensure proper tracking.

Participation in offers
The user has to follow the instuctions of the offers in order to get the points. If he does not fulfill this obligation reserves the right to withholding the points for the offer.

Pending Points
Leads over 500 points and creditcard / trial offers may be frozen, and thus released after no more than 14 days, or after a review by the user. The verification can take place by verifying a credit card or by sending a PIN by mail.

All earnings will be displayed in the dashboard, If leads dont appear there, is not responsible for them. The responsibility carries the advertiser.

Changes reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. By participating in offers after the announcement of a ToS change in the customer area, the user agrees to the new ToS.

Violations of these Terms and Conditions
Violations of these Terms may be punished with a permanent or temporary exclusion from this service and with the withholding of all or part of the redeemed rewards.